Darkling Souls Books

This is not a story of heroes saving the world. If you’re looking for a tale of shining knights standing against the tides of evil, move along. This is a story of monsters. The Darkling Souls series is a planned 5-book dark fantasy series with each book focusing on a new morally gray monster. 

The High Seer

This is the story of how monsters saved their corner of the world. Whether they deserve to be saved is another story.

For years, High Seer Aurienne has lived with a single haunting truth—her visions will not save her people from the prophesied apocalyptic war that’s always haunted her nightmares. That all changes the day blacksmith Theo saves her life. She foresees Theo’s destiny to gather the continent’s five warring nations to stand against the invading forces. Suffering the soul-rending consequences of spirit necromancy, Aurienne finds herself fighting to survive a deadly web of assassination attempts, mind-shattering visions, and ruinous betrayal.

Theo cannot refuse when Aurienne asks for his help to save their people. He travels the length of the continent facing timeworn superstitions coming to life as he asks neighboring nations to join their cause. Refusing to let down the woman he’s falling in love with—even though the fates whisper she will never love him back—he assembles an army of rebels fighting to retain their humanity as the corrupted magic of the land transforms them into the monsters of legend.

Saving the world does not come without cost. Standing against the conquering emperor, backed by his bloodthirsty goddess and moon-cursed army, Aurienne and Theo must decide whether to unleash forces more monstrous than the enemy they’re fighting against.

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2024 Fantasy Winner 

The High Seer was selected as the 2024 National Indie Excellence Award fantasy category winner!

Praise for The High Seer

"Author Alex Bree has crafted a stylish and atmospheric work that successfully brings together elements of fantasy and prophecy, creating a richly imagined setting filled with complex characters and moral dilemmas."

"The exploration of magic, power, and the consequences of wielding both challenges readers to question the nature of heroism, which turns the fantasy genre on its head to deliver something thought-provoking and original."

"I also absolutely fell in love with the settings and the vivid descriptive skill that Bree brings to the tale, offering a captivating experience and immersing me in a world where monsters are both saviors and threats. Overall, The High Seer is a compelling tale of adventure, love, and the enduring struggle between light and darkness, and I cannot wait to see where the rest of the series takes us." 

Reader's Favorite, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

"Alex Bree’s THE HIGH SEER is a marvelous dark fantasy novel set in a breathtakingly magical world full of complex characters, magic, and monsters. [. . . .] Bree certainly makes her mark as an author to watch in this gripping fantasy."


The Nameless Shadow 

Darkling Souls 1.5 Novella

You Can't Defeat a Shadow

The nameless spy swore to stop the conquering emperor and his bloodthirsty goddess from unleashing a horde of ancient beasts. As rebellion rises in the enslaved city, the spy finds himself thrust into a deadly world of magic and interfering deities—where one misstep can cost your soul. Running out of time to weaken the invading forces, the spy turns to rebel Mei for help. After a lifetime of lurking alone in the shadows, he finds himself with an unlikely partner whose energy and chaos is a breath of fresh air. Their missions hurl them straight into the midst of the magic consuming the city while the emperor assembles the might of the empire to hunt them down.

Book 2: Untitled


Book 2 continues the stories of Aurienne, Theo and the other characters, but a new Darkling Soul takes the spotlight in this haunting, epic tale. Which monster will it be? 

Darkling Souls series is an adult dark fantasy book that explores themes that may be darker and more mature in nature. Click here for a list of content warnings.