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Lunahain Festival of Fates 

This depicts one of the opening scenes in The High Seer, chapter 1, where Aurienne prepares to undertake the Lunahain Foretelling Rite. It gives a great visual overview of the vibes of the book, as well as a glimpse of Aurienne as the High Seer. On this hallowed day, she will open her Sight to the future of the nation for the upcoming year. Such a feat can only be accomplished on this day when the veil between worlds thinned, and her own soul was close to death. By @shade_of_stars_art.

The Old Ways

This artwork by @michillart depicts the scene from The High Seer, chapter 4, where Aurienne reads Theo's fate using The Old Ways. The moment was always meant to be intimate, in her personal quarters, the makeup and paint washed away, and in simple clothes. It was Theo's chance to crack her armor for a second and see the person under the High Seer mask, and Aurienne was able to see to the depths of Theo's soul. I love how these two look at each other, and the interpretation of their characters

Map of Teridar and Demorra
Map of Teridar

This is not a story of heroes saving the world from evil. 

If you’re looking for a tale of shining knights standing against the tides of evil, move along. This is a story of otherworldly and cursed creatures, of ancient and angry powers refusing to surrender to the demands of new gods. This is about curses, sacrifices, and hellsdamned souls losing the fight against corruption yet refusing to give up the last of their humanity. Here the champions are just as dark as the villains they fight and their deeds as terrible. 

This is the story of how monsters saved their corner of the world. Whether they deserved to be saved...is another story.

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Aurienne's (Dirty)
Campfire Ditty

A man cut wood in a forest so late,

A lost maiden appeared, what golden fate!

She kissed him hard, bit his lip ‘til it bled.

She took his hand, and he took her to bed.


He dropped his trousers, and what did she see?

A white double moon and spear as thick as a tree.

A wraith appeared in the maiden’s place.

With claws and fangs and terrible face.


Growing fur and fang, the wolf howled in delight.

The succubus grinned, took the ride of her life.

With rope ‘round their hands, the monsters, they wed.

To sate their hunger, they liked beasts in their beds.


High Seer Aurienne Celestina Azarrah

Ar-REE-en Uh-zar-uh. 

The High Seer of Avyllon was born on the 28th day of the 10th month in year 1126 Luna in the city of Avyllon during the Lunahain Festival under the light of a red eclipse. She is twenty-six years old, and ascended to the title of High Seer when she was thirteen. Her parents live in a small village outside of Karme but gave her up to the temple of the Triple Goddess when she was three years old. Her eyes have the translucent seer’s cloud over her iris and pupil, her skin is tattooed with ceremonial celestial tattoos. Faint scars on hands from ceremonial blood use, and scars on her ankles from the Rite of Fire. She has light skin, and long, wavy brown hair. The Goddess's vassal in the world, she is fated never to fall in love. 

Theo Willem Thatcher

Newly guild-certified blacksmith from Karme. Born on the 28th day of the 7th month Solla in the year 1126 to mother Anna Thatcher and father Willem Thatcher. He is twenty-six years old with blond hair and green eyes, and is six feet tall. Growing up on the farm and apprenticing for seven years at a master craftsman’s forge in Riverlim has made him strong. Becomes emissary to the High Seer after interrupting the foretelling Rite of Water at the Lunahain Festival of Fates and his subsequent reading given by the High Seer herself. Destined to gather the armies of the Darkling War.

Queensblood Rianne Charlotte Lenore

Ree-anne Le-nore. 

Firstblood Queensblood, the eldest daughter of the eldest daughter in an unbroken line to the first Rodarri Queensblood Vittoria Lenore, going back forty-four generations. As Queensblood, it is her sacred duty to ascend and protect the land with her blood. Born on the 1st day of the third month of Mars in the year 1134 on Vittoria’s Day (ascension day), Rianne is eighteen years old. She has light skin, rosy cheeks and lips, light brown hair, and blue eyes. Due to the withering sickness as a child that almost claimed her, she is slight and almost frail, and only 5’3. Her mother was Queensblood Charlotte Christine Lenore. Father unknown. Her sister is Jordyn Lenore. She is romantically involved with Rhydian Redbrooke and would marry him if she were allowed to marry. Recently… she’s questioning her beliefs about the Queensblood and ascension.

Warbringer Rhydian Redbrooke


Cursed with the generational Warbringer curse afflicting all male members of his bloodline. Royal Queensguard to the Queensblood of Rodarri. Born in the year 1128 on the 7th day of the 8th month of August, he is twenty-four years old. He has medium dark skin, brown hair, and is 6’4. From the Warbringer curse he is very muscular, a master swordsman, and expert in battle strategy. If he takes a human life, he will lose his mind to the Warbringer curse and go on a berserking rampage, killing all in his path indiscriminately. He is originally from town of Oakville with mother Audrey and his father, before his father left on a Warbringer-induced killing spree. Rhydian joined the Rodarri army after nearly beating a farmhand bully to death and was immediately assigned to the Queensguard to protect Rodarri’s most valuable asset. Every day the red veil descends earlier in the presence of violence and his curse grows stronger.

Seer Saryll Amydeo

Sar-ill Am-ah-deo.

Senior Seer of the Triple Goddess in Avyllon. Daughter to the former High Seer, Syaoran Amydeo. Born in the year 1122 in the temple of the Triple Goddess during the 13th month of Deca before the Wynterfall Festival. She is twenty-nine years old with olive, brown skin and dark, curly hair. Friend to the current High Seer.

The Nameless One

Spy for the Avyllon. His father and grandfather were spies, remaining nameless their entire lives—which is a feat he aspires to. He heard his name once when he was eight years old. It was the first and last time he’d heard it. For anyone to uncover his name would bring great dishonor as the best spies remain nameless. His birthdate is unknown, but he is believed to be approximately twenty-five years old. He cool-toned, pale skin with straight black hair, cut short. He is medium height and build with angular features. Generally described as non-descript.

Apprentice Sorcerer Adonis Zakar Azarrah

Uh-don-is Uh-zar-uh. 

Apprentice sorcerer training at Avyllon University. Brother to High Seer Aurienne Azarrah, and though they have other full siblings—Aurienne only has contact with Adonis. He began training at the temple and university when he was five years old, though he did not begin his formal, full-time training until he was fifteen years old. Born in the year 1133, in the 2nd month on the 17th day—he is nineteen years old. He has light skin and shaggy, brown hair. The life of every party, he's well-liked and brilliant enough, he doesn't need to apply himself to his studies.

Master Sorcerer Mathis Mivvem Kaster

Master sorcerer and one of the deans at Avyllon University. Adonis’ mentor. He was born in the year 944, making him two hundred and eight years old—a fact he does not share. He appears seventy years old with unkempt white hair, and a long gray-white beard with bells. He wears the blue and gold robes of the sorcerers. He’s far more than he seems.

General Kane

Commander of the Armies of Avyllon. Fifty-five years old with gray hair and light skin. Master swordsman and advisor to the High Seer.

Former High Seer Syaoran Amydeo

Sigh-or-an Am-ah-deo.

Second High Seer of Avyllon who lost her seer’s cloud and Sight in the year 1139 when Aurienne ascended as High Seer. Born in the year 1092 in the town of Brookhaven. She has grey hair, olive skin and brown eyes now that the seer’s cloud lifted. She gave Aurienne her birth reading as a newborn and foresaw the Darkling War.

Sentinel Kolten Cloudstone

Personal sentinel to the High Seer in the temple of the Triple Goddess with decorations of valor and achievement. Born in the city of Avyllon in the year 1122 on the 4th day of the 9th month of Septa. He is thirty years old with light tan skin, hazel eyes, and brown hair with the sides shaved and the top kept neat in a knot. Reputation as a heartbreaker because his heart belongs to another.

Sentinel Captain Cordin Laurier

Captain of the sentinels for the temple of the Triple Goddess. Captain Laurier has a long scar across his jaw, dark hair, and dark skin. His mother was from one of the warring tribes of Demorra, and his father was from Avyllon. His soldiers whisper behind his back about what a hard-ass he can be.

Emperor Jhames Edwyrd Alexandir Rexil

Conquering emperor of the continent of Demorra. He conquered the twenty-one nations, now seventeen in just five years with the blessing of his Lunar Goddess Niamh. Born to a warchief outside the Nyx’ela Mountains, known to be the home of the gods. Birth name unknown. He was born in the year 1116 in the 4th month of Aperio on the 22nd day. He is 36 years old, with pale skin and long, straight, black hair that would have hung to his shoulders is not tied back. His eyes are so brown, they are nearly black, which are framed by wide cheekbones set in a flat face. He is described as having striking good looks with regal posture and easy confidence. He has taken the sigil of the wolf for the continent, replacing the traditional shared dragon motif. He claims to be the favorite son of the Lunar Goddess Niamh.

"The Fox"

Not a fox. The High Seer’s travel companion between destinations on the journey to other nations, and begrudgingly accompanies Theo later. Believed to be a forest guardian but is likely something…else. Believed to possess magical powers. His fur is red and black, and he has bright yellow eyes. But don’t let the fuzzy exterior and love for scratches and treats fool you: the fox is extremely dangerous.

Witch Lorayne Guara

Nature witch of the village of Wildegrove in Avyllon. Grandmother to Kassia Guara. Born in the year 1093 on the 15th day of the 6th month of Juno. She is fifty-nine years old with black skin and black, curly hair bound in a single long braid down her back, which is braided with flowers. Her reputation is to be welcoming, warm, and too wise.

Witch Kassia Lora Guara

Apprentice witch to her grandmother Lorayne for the village of Wildegrove, in Avyllon. Born in the year 1129 in the 7th month on the 19th day, a wildecraft festival baby. She is twenty-three years old. Her skin is onyx black, and her black hair is wavy and bound in a long intricate braid that hangs to her hips, which is also braided with flowers. She uses her magic to craft enviable dresses of flowers and vines. She can cast witchshields and use basic nature-based divination cards made from pressed flowers. She is known to be kind and brave, but if she offers you tea—think twice.

King Jaekob Juri

King of Wyndsel, and father to Crown Princess Arissabett. Born in the year 1097, he is fifty-five years old. He does not bear the belly of age but instead has remained fit and lean from his rowing pastime. He has olive brown skin and short, black hair. His face is long, and his dark thick beard was peppered with grey. His wrinkles carve a permanent frown onto his severe features.

Queen Elissa Juri

Wife of King Jaekob, and mother to Crown Princess Arissabett. Born in the year 1104, she is forty-eight years old, though her face does not match her age. She is particularly beautiful with deep bronze skin, a thin face, and willowy form. She possesses thick brows that framed her sharp features, and her long dark lashes were as thick as fans. Her thick dark hair is often half-pulled back into a braid that prominently displays her prized crown. Sadly, she has no wrinkles around the corners of her eyes from a life with too few smiles.

Crown Princess Arissabett Juri

Crown Princess of Wyndsel, daughter of Jaekob and Elissa Juri. Born in the year 1133 on the 11th day of the 6th month Juno, she spent her childhood exploring the caves and coasts of Wynds. She is nineteen years old with brown skin, and the same sharp nose, dark hair, and full lashes. She had her father’s eyes, if ever the King could be described as naïve. She also has her mother’s lips, though the princess smiles more. She is the perfect daughter, meek, subservient, obedient. She is engaged to her fiancé, the Prince Donovan Elsher, the second son of the King of Arryn.

Prince Donovan Elsher

The second son of the King of Arryn, he is engaged to Crown Princess Arissabett. He is twenty-five years old with dark hair and brown skin. His face was squarer then the Juri’s as opposed to long. His eyebrows rest lower on his face as if he intended to perpetually frown, like his soon-to-be father-in-law. He was taller than the Princess, but not as tall as King Jaekob. He was shorter, but far more heavily muscled. The ultimate charmer, he uses his good looks to his advantage, but it can’t hide his cruel streak.

King Edmunton Eduard Cavendar

Twenty-second king of Rodarri. Born in the year 1099, he is the second son of the King Eduard Cavendar and was not expected to take the throne. His older brother Eddard Cavendar was crowned crown, but murdered by King Jaekob Juri to prevent his sister from marrying him. King Edmunton anonymously competed in a tourney and killed Jaekob’s younger brother. He is fifty-three years old with salt-and-pepper hair and a pot belly from indulging in excess. Once a renowned tourney champion, he used to compete anonymously to ensure his victory was true. He is married to Queen Portia Cavendar.

Queen Portia Cavendar

The silent queen of Rodarri, married to cruel husband King Edmunton Eduard Cavendar, her place in Rodarri is uncertain. She holds no political power, and the nobles dote on the Queensblood. A singular beauty in her youth, she is the king’s second wife, and is forty years old with blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin. She has yet failed to produce an heir and has heard whispers that her husband will soon replace her.

Queensblood Jordyn Charlotte Lenore

Queensblood of Rodarri, sister to firstblood eldest daughter Rianne. Born on the 27th day of the 5th month Maia in the year 1137 to mother Queensblood Charlotte Christine Lenore. She is fifteen years old with dark hair and pale skin. She is taller than her older sister Rianne with feminine curves of good health. She is renowned as a remarkable beauty.


Housekeeper in the royal castle of Rodarri, or is she?

Demorran Emissary Seiko

Emissary to the Demorran Emperor. He has pale, cool-colored skin with deep purple scars on his hands—the mark of a sorcerer. He has a long, carefully groomed black beard that hung down to his hips. He has close set, hooded eyes that saw everything, and angular and sharp features. His posture was impeccable and an almost invisible smile rests upon the corners of his thin lips.

Obermeister Gotrik

Elected leader of the guilds of Avyllon. Currently one year into his term. He is a tall man of about forty years with the lean muscles of a life lived in pursuit of a noble trade. He is a woodworker—with the smell of sawdust on his skin and the numerous scars marring his hands. Ambitious. Cruel. Intemperate.

Elder Naturalist Dharek ThadeElason

An Elder of the Free Peoples, and their representative. Born to Thade and Ela in the Seven Forests settlement, he is thirty-nine years old. He is young for an elder, but his wisdom and bravery earned him the title. He is married to his heartwood Elleta and is the father of warrior Thaen. The Free Peoples rekindled their master over naturalist magics, but the cost is that they begin to have barkskin, becoming one with the forest. It is rumored to be the same process that changed the forest giants many years ago.

Naturalist Thaen DharekElletason

A warrior of the Free Peoples of the Seven Forests, once called the Thrymr when they were a wandering wartribe. He is twenty-two years old with brown skin and long, black hair. Son of Dharek and Elleta. He is beginning to train with naturalist magics.

Forest Giant Allesan Allegry

A nine-foot-tall forest giant with bark-skin and leaves growing from his hair. He’s known to be gruff and intolerant of everyone, except toward his sapling children.

Living Stone Stone'ward

The leader of the People of Living Stone, the stone faction. A walking statue. Before his transformation, he had black skin and tightly curled black hair. Age unknown. Named by his mother, Stone’ward for the warded titan ore stones he chewed as a toddler that gave him magical power over the earth and stones. The Titan Cliff dwellers mined the caves and broke into a vein of titan ore—which began to change them. They closed their borders fifty years ago when the transformation changed them.

Living Stone Ore'spike

The leader of the People of Living Stone, the spiked faction. A walking statue. Before his transformation, he had black skin and black hair kept in braids. Age unknown. Birth name unknown. He is now called Ore’spike for the titan ore stalactites he consumed, which gave him the first metal spikes in his skin of his people. The Titan Cliff dwellers mined the caves and broke into a vein of titan ore—which began to change them. They closed their borders fifty years ago when the transformation changed them.

Miella Rothbain

Direct descendent of the first vampire, Stellan Rothbain. Born in the year 1134 on the 27th day of the 12th month of Nova, she was born just before the Festival of Lights, Novahli, in the village of Heartspring in Avyllon. She is nearly eighteen years old, with light tan skin and dark brown hair. She possesses the heartwood necklace that Stellan gave to his wife before he became vampire. Saryll read her fate in the divination cards and foresees a great destiny.

First Vampire Stellan Rothbain

The first vampire. Born in the year 35 B.N.T.C. He became a vampire in the year 1 B.N.T.C. to save his family from the Shadow War. He made vampires from his commanders and army, starting with Julietta. As a human he had olive skin and black hair. Now, he stands at six-and-a-half feet tall with great leather wings, fangs that nearly reach his chin, and bone plates under his skin. His fingers are long claws. Cursed with unending hunger for human lifeforce and blood, in a moment of clarity he trapped the vampires in the heart of a mountain outside the village of Heartspring for over a thousand years to protect the world from the vampires.

Vampire Julietta Allucia

Vampire, second in command to the first vampire Stellan Rothbain. Born in the year 29 B.N.T.C., she became a vampire at twenty-nine years old. She has olive skin and dark hair. Her beauty is only surpassed by her hunger and ferocity.

Vampire Hunter Marco Rothbain

Vampire hunter with glowing tattoos of sunlight, which can kill vampires. He was bitten by a vampire at age twenty-seven and received his sunlight tattoos, the specifics of which are unknown. He was born in the year 16 B.N.T.C. and was too young to fight in the Shadow War. When Stellan and the vampiric army returned from war, Marco began hunting vampires. He is Stellan’s brother. He has sworn to destroy all the vampires.

Nesryn Ashwildes

All that is known, is known by legends.