The Nameless Shadow

January 1, 2024

The Darkling Souls world returns with a novella set in the conquering Demorran Empire, which hides a dark and deadly secret that could change the course of the war. 

The Nameless Shadow | Darkling Souls 1.5 | Coming Soon 

The nameless spy holds no love lost for his once-homeland and seeks any information that will assist the High Seer in protecting the continent from their prophesized enemy. He’s already learned that the emperor is creating twisted beasts and bodies are piling up inside the temples from failed magical experiments. The spy fights to remain nameless while navigating the effects of transformational magic that threatens to rend his soul from his body. Meanwhile the emperor assembles the might of the empire to hunt him down. The empire prepares to invade the continent as the spy races to buy the High Seer time while uncovering the emperor’s secrets. Who will prevail in the shadow’s city?

Never step into a shadow atop dark, still water when the moon is gone,
or you could lose your soul.

               — Warning given to shepherds, sentinels, and spies.

This novella was incredibly fun to write! The nameless one creeps around the empire, uncovering secrets with a partner who was forced upon him was a new perspective, a new world, and a whole new category of magic to unveil. It expands on the second interlude in The High Seer and gives a better picture of the threat that Aurienne and the others face. Even the actions of one individual can have huge consequences on the greater war, that perhaps others don't even realize. It reveals secrets about the magic and monsters lurking in the empire, and shows the cost of every small victory. 

For now this will be only available as an e-book, but I plan to release this one with all the upcoming Darkling Souls novellas in a compendium that will be available via print and e-book. Book 2 is expected to release this fall, but if you're craving more Darkling Soulsthis will hold you over.