Alex Bree

Fantasy Author

2024 Fantasy Winner!

The High Seer

This is not a story of heroes saving the world from evil. Here the champions are just as dark as the villains they fight, and their deeds as terrible. Curses, sacrifices, and hellsdamned souls losing the fight against corruption, yet refusing to give up the last of their humanity. 

This is the story of how monsters saved their corner of the world. Whether they deserved to be another story.

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The Nameless Shadow 1.5

The nameless spy swore to stop the conquering emperor and his bloodthirsty goddess from unleashing a horde of ancient beasts. As rebellion rises in the enslaved city, the spy finds himself thrust into a deadly world of magic and interfering deities—where one misstep can cost your soul. Running out of time to weaken the invading forces, the spy turns to rebel Mei for help. After a lifetime of lurking alone in the shadows, he finds himself with an unlikely partner whose energy and chaos is a breath of fresh air. Their missions hurl them straight into the midst of the magic consuming the city while the emperor assembles the might of the empire to hunt them down.

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Terrible secrets sold and bought.

Remember me once, forget me not.

Empires rise, and empires fall.

Death to one, death to all.